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Adak Car Tracker Model ACT-400

ADAK ACT400 vehicle GPS tracker is the best solution with high reception even in adverse weather conditions for the management of urban and road transport performing as a GPS tracking and car alarm system at the same time. Being capable of using two SIM cards, the device is able to be used in different countries reducing the cost international calls/charges. (As an example cargo trucks travelling internationally) ADAK ACT400 is a very tiny product with simple installation. Google Maps are used for tracking It’s also capable of installing weight and temperature sensors, connecting to RFID circuits.

Software Specifications

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Hardware Specifications

ADAK ACT400 is installed on all types of vehicles including cars, pickups, vans, buses, minibuses, bikes, trucks, ambulances…. They system is installed irrespective if the vehicles models.

This system is designed for: Transportation companies ,Bus, minibus, services companies ,Cabs ,Hospitals, Emergency cars and ambulances ,Schools, universities ,State run and private organizations ,Municipalities and recycle companies ,Food distribution companies ,Vehicle sales and services and spare part companies ,Road and urban municipal engineer contractors